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Defining Work

Art­icles with the Nadir Work Log tag will fo­cus on doc­u­ment­ing the fab­ric­a­tion and as­sembly tasks for com­pli­ance with Title 14 CFR § 21.191(g):

Op­er­at­ing an air­craft the ma­jor por­tion of which has been fab­ric­ated and as­sembled by per­sons who un­der­took the con­struc­tion pro­ject solely for their own edu­ca­tion or re­cre­ation.

The Zenith CH 650 B was eval­u­ated by the the FAA Na­tion­al Kit Eval­u­ation Team (NKET). I will fol­low the CH 650 B Am­a­teur-Built Kit Check­list as I build. Work entries should ref­er­ence the task item(s).

FAA Ad­vis­ory Cir­cu­lar 20-27G states:

This doc­u­ment­a­tion should clearly show who per­formed the task(s), when and where the tasks were per­formed, de­pict the meth­ods of con­struc­tion and qual­ity of work­man­ship, and doc­u­ment the use of com­mer­cial and non-com­mer­cial as­sist­ance.