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Initial Impressions of the Drawings

Front page of drawings for Chris Heintz's ZODIAC CH 650 B.
Hopefully that bend in the ZODIAC CH 650 B drawings will flatten out over time.

I received the drawings yesterday after four days in transit via UPS Ground. The shipment included the drawings and a CD-ROM containing the Photo Assembly Guides and Construction Manual.

Besides the large dollar amounts on my invoice, I noticed the line item “650 NOSEGEAR SHOCK SUSPENSION.” I believe this is the new shock suspension system mentioned in the FEB 18 2020 Service Letter and announced on (see also John Austin’s post and Zenith’s marketing flyer). Looking at my drawings, I see they are not updated to reflect the new shock suspension and instead refer to a nose gear bungee shock chord.

I have a few suggestions for Zenith Aircraft:

  1. Ship the drawings in a box large enough to avoid bending them. My 11x17 inch drawings have a bend because they were sent in what appears to be a 12” square (pizza?) box.
  2. Send the Photo Assembly Guides and Construction Manual on a USB flash drive or offer them for download. In the last decade, I have not owned a computer with a CD drive.
  3. Offer binding methods for the drawings such as a three ring binder.


The bend in the drawings is slowly flattening out. Also, it appears that the CD-ROM contents are available on various Zenith Aircraft websites.