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Accuracy of ZAC Pieces

I am curi­ous to see how ac­cur­ate the ZAC pieces are com­pared to the draw­ings. I would not im­me­di­ately con­clude that any dif­fer­ence was an er­ror on the part of ZAC. There may be good reas­ons for the ZAC pieces to have dif­fer­ent meas­ures com­pared to the draw­ings. I am a first time build­er so I view this com­par­is­on as an on­go­ing op­por­tun­ity to learn from the ZAC kit.

So far while build­ing the rud­der, I found one dis­crep­ancy. Rear Rib #1 (65-T-4-6) should have a 57° bend to its flange at its for­ward end. The ZAC pro­duced part meas­ured 60°.