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Inaccurate ZAC part: 6T1-8

When I left off building in 2021, I had encountered a minor discrepancy in the size and fit of the stabilizer tip rib extension 6T1-8 and the stabilizer tip. After a couple hours of trying to find my mistake, I realized the tip rib extension was simply too big.

The plans call for the tip rib extension to be 80 mm at the wide end. I measured my parts at 84 mm. As validation of the incompatibility, the photo assembly guide calls out that there should be a gap between the stabilizer skin and the flange on the tip rib. In fact, my parts leave no gap which would cause some awkward and large bending of the stabilizer tip. The bending would probably lead to cracking of the plastic.

I called Roger at Zenith Aircraft in Auguest 2023 to explain the problem. He wanted one more photo. I sent it to him today and will wait to hear back.

Stabilizer tip rib and skin fastened together leaving no gap for the plastic tip.
With the stabilizer tip rib extension attached to the tip rib, there is no gap left between the skin and the flange on the extension. The lack of a gap prevents the stabilizer tip from smoothly fitting into place.
Photo assembly guide 6-T-2B page 6.
The photo assembly guide confirms there should be a gap: “Note the gap between the top flange and the skin for the thickness of the fiberglass tip.”
Ruler showing wide end of 6T1-8 is 84 mm.
My measurement of the wide end of 6T1-8 shows it is 84 mm.